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The Far Field Beer Company lineup spans the style spectrum and reflects the collaborative spirit of the brewery team. James, our founder and barrel blender, likes to experiment with styles and flavors and has a special affinity for Berliner Weisses and barrel-aged sours. Head Brewer Bryce is a self-proclaimed hop head who enjoys crafting crisp, dry ales and lagers. The resulting tap list is composed of beers like Two-Wheeler, a lavender Berliner Weisse that James began brewing as the summer drink for his wife and co-founder, Regan, and Home Range, a riff on the classic, hop-forward West Coast IPA that introduced Bryce to the SoCal craft beer scene. Bryce and James met as home brewers and carry that spirit of inventiveness and cooperation forward as they develop new recipes and partner with the local craft beer and homebrew communities.

In addition to sours and IPAs, both West Coast style and hazy, you can find pale ales, hoppy lagers, stouts, and more when visiting the tasting room. Barrel-aged sours are in the works and will make an appearance soon.


Uno Más Mexican-Style Lager,

BBQ’s. Tailgating. Graduations, quinceañeras, or fireworks… Whether the celebration is big or small, we’ve crafted the perfect companion with Uno Más, a Mexican-Style Lager with Liberty Hops. Smooth and refreshing with a touch of malty sweetness and a crisp finish. There’s always time for one more

Uno Mas


Located in the South Bay city of Lawndale, Far Field is housed in a former auto body shop that has been converted into a brewery and an open and airy tasting room, with plenty of indoor and outdoor space for gathering. Far Field is both family–and animal–friendly; the large patio has seating and games, and daily food vendors provide delicious fare to pair with the many beers on tap.

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Far Field Finds Its Feet with Ss Brewtech

An Interview with SS Brewtech

In this interview with Ss Brewtech,  James Bardeen and Bryce Lowrance talk about their experiences launching the brewery with a seven-barrel, direct-fire system, plus three seven-barrel unitanks, one 15-barrel unitank, and a seven-barrel brite tank from Ss Brewtech.

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Confessions of a First-Year Brewery

An Interview with Hopped

In this episode of Hoptalk, Gary chats Far Field ahead of it’s 1-year anniversary in Lawndale. Dig into their homebrewing roots, their journey to opening the brewery, collaboration and community in LA’s South Bay, their plans for year 2, and soooo much more in this episode.

Bryce and James during Hopped Interview